Sunday, June 14, 2015

Margaret's Birth Story

 Hello Everybody! Sorry about the lack of posts lately! As you know I just had a baby girl who is now 3 months old! Juggling two has been very difficult but worth it. But one of the things you will notice with two kids is the lack of time you seem to have. So I am FINALLY getting to write my birth story and truthfully I hope I remember a lot of it! :) So without further ado: Margaret's Birth Story.

   So with both my pregnancies I have been late. But this time around I was extremely grateful that I was late! There were so many things going on at the time that I had to wait for before I could have Margaret. For example: Tyler was taking the bar exam on February 27th and 28th. My due date was March 9th. The bar exam was in Salt Lake City which is a 3 hour drive and if I went into hard labor during the bar exam I was going to be on my own because there would be no way to contact Tyler or for him to get home. He HAD to be there for that test. So I was really grateful I missed that.
    Then my sister-in-law got married  two days before  my due date. I was one of her bridesmaids and everyone kept telling me I had to wait until the day was over and then I could have Margaret. Thankfully I missed that one too. I am sure because of all the standing and walking that is why I started labor that day. It was just little pains about 10 minutes apart. I made it through the day. On Sunday I continued to have pains and so I went walking which sped up my pains to 7 minutes apart. But once I stopped walking they would slow down.  I even had a conversation with my little one. Which basically was me trying to talk her into coming into this world as soon as possible. Finally  Monday came and I  had an OBGYN appointment that day. He stripped my membranes and we decided to induce me on the 12th of March that Thursday. I was so happy and relieved! I remember thinking FREEDOM! I finally get to meet my little lady!
  So on Tuesday night Tyler took me out to a nice steak place in town since we figured that would be the last time we would have some alone time in awhile. It was delicious! After that Tyler tried to talk me into seeing a late movie. But knowing I was pretty tired and wanting to keep up my strength for later in the week I decided that we should just go home and go to bed. So we went to bed early. On one of my trips to pee about 4:00am I remember thinking that the contraction I had was a little harder than earlier so I laid in bed for a little while. Then at 4:30 I could no longer lay in bed because of the pain. So I started monitoring my contractions. They were 4 minutes apart for about a minute. I woke Tyler at that time and we labored together. At 5 I took a shower and then we got our things together and left for the hospital at 5:30.
      One thing I will say about labor the second time around is it hurts much worse than the first time. With William I was able to wait until I was transitioning until I got an Epidural but this time I wanted it right away! The only problem was the anesthesiologist had a c- section for another patient in a half an hour of me. So we were trying to get an IV in so he could give me the Epidural before he went in for the C-section. Sadly that didn't come to pass.  I had to get an IV in first before I could have an Epidural.My veins are basically invisible. They ended up poking me 12 times in each arm and hand until they finally got the IV in. The worst part was I had to have contractions laying down trying to stay still so they can poke me with a needle sometimes digging for the vein. It was awful. They finally got this infrared camera/projector that would show the nurses where my veins were. Because of that they were able to get the IV in. But sadly because it took so long we had to wait for the anesthesiologist. So they gave me some drugs. I don't know what they were but they put me to sleep and the pain subsided.  They also made me loose my snack I had earlier but the pain was gone so it was worth it. Then the anesthesiologist came in and gave me an Epidural. Which was great. :) At this point I was 5 CM but not progressing so they gave me Petocin  (which I didn't even feel the harder contractions because of the epidural! HALELUJAH!!!)  All of a sudden they were telling me it was time to push. So I pushed for a total of 10 minutes and out came our beautiful baby girl! 9 pounds 3 ounces at 10:30am March 11th. She was so precious and all ours.
      I forgot how wonderful the feeling after you have a baby is. They are just so sweet and the love that you have just overwhelms you. I remember thinking how tiny she was (even though everyone told me how big she was for a baby). But I guess when you have a two year old at home they seem so tiny! :) Our lives have been so complete since. I couldn't imagine life without her. So there you go. There is my birth story! :) I look back and think how lucky I have been to have both William and Margaret a day before my scheduled induction. I guess I know the secret to having babies if they are stubborn.  Just schedule an induction. ;)