Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New Year New Me

Hello Everyone! I know I know you haven't heard from me in a while! Life has just been so incredibly BUSY since the last time I posted! (which was over a year ago...) ((Ooops!)) In my defense having a baby is really really hard! There is a TON of time holding them adoring them ect ect ect.... :) Well with this NEW YEAR 2014 I have decided to be much better! I've decided that  you all get to hear about my family all the time on Facebook and Instagram and so you DO NOT NEED ANOTHER THING TELLING YOU 'Hey this is what my family is doing! Aren't we awesome?!?'. In fact you might feel overwhelmed by Tyler and My various posts about how wonderful our life is going!  So this is the plan. I am starting my blog again not to give you the low down on my family life. I am starting this blog again to share with you what my thoughts, feelings, crafts, and just fun things and MOMENTS that I am enjoying in life. This is my New Years Resolution. I am striving to be more grateful for what I have everyday and I believe this is a great way to share what I think is wonderful about my life. In a way this is going to be an OUTLET for a stay at home mommy that is going nuts because of the cold/hot weather in Iowa! I hope that this ends up going pretty well and of course if you guys don't like my new 'blog'  then at least I can pretend people like it and at least express my thoughts and feelings. :)

So anyway... Today I am grateful for TIME. When I was younger I never understood why extra TIME was such a wonderful thing. I would cram an activity into every single second of every single day. I couldn't stand to be BORED! Now that I am quitting my job I have found that I have TONS of spare time. In which I can do what I choose with. I can clean the house (which I am trying to do because it has been a disaster since I got the job) I can watch my little 13 month old play. I can fiddle around on FB. I can sit here and BLOG. Time is such a wonderful thing and I think it is taken for granted. Last year I would always say  "Oh when Law school is over everything will be better." "When we no longer live in an apartment I will be happy." "When we know what we are going to do with our life everything will be fantastic and we'll be like those families on the commercials." Well now I am FED UP WITH IT! Life is going to be just as hard when Tyler is out of law school. Life is going to be just as sad and frustrating living in a house/ townhouse/ condo/ cardboard box. My family is never going to look like the families on the commercials even if we kind of know what to do! I've decided what makes the difference is choosing to be happy now. Making TIME to be happy. Making TIME to enjoy your family. Making TIME to look at the little things that happen in life everyday that is a good thing or a happy thing. We might be delusional and believe that the future will be brighter. But the way I see it, it's pretty bright right now we just choose not to see it. I have a roof over my head, I have an adorable baby boy, I have food to eat, I have TIME to enjoy my family, my friends, my hobbies. I am surrounded by wonderful people and I am thankful they are around me to influence me to be better. So next time you find yourself looking into the future thinking it will be better than now, Just remember now is great. You just have to look for it.

Thanks all for reading my post! I hope this New Years resolution will change me and maybe change you in the process.