Monday, August 13, 2012


Hello Everyone! Yes yes I know! I am terrible at keeping up with our blog. But Surprise! a billion and two things have happened since my last post. Lets see if I can go through them as fast as possible. 1.) I'm preggers and I'm having a boy 2.) We've moved to Iowa City, Iowa 3.) Tyler has started Law school and finally 4.) We survived it all! :)  (Hopefully we will survive the pregnancy thing oh and the law school thing too....)) and I guess that's only 4 major things... the other things must be in there somewhere  but it has totally slipped my mind now!
  But anyways, I really wanted to talk about the wonderful miracles that have happened this last week with all the moving junk and all that jazz. Miracle number one: I didn't get sick the whole two day UHAUL ride. Miracle right?!? In fact little William (the one I am currently incubating as we speak.) didn't complain much this whole week! And truthfully the UHAUL ride was a little uncomfortable but truthfully it wasn't as bad as people made me believe. In fact on Tuesday night Wayne (my father in law who drove the UHAUL) found one of the last hotels to stay in in that city. He used me as incentive and told the lady specifically that there was a pregnant lady riding in the truck and we needed a bottom floor. It worked for sure! ;)  Sometimes pregnancy has its perks!
    Miracle number two, I love our apartment! It's a two bedroom, one bath. But I am so grateful for SPACE! Before we were living in Tyler's uncle's studio basement which was fantastic at the time. But now that our family it growing this apartment is perfect for us! Nice and close to the law school and we're surrounded by church members which definitely makes making friends much easier!
     Miracle number three great church members! Everyone is so kind and welcoming I just can't get over it!  A lot of them are older than us with at least two kids, but I still feel as if I can relate to them and I just can't wait to make friends with them all!
     Miracle number four, on Saturday I was going through my things unpacking and seeing what we needed to keep and what to throw away. I found a box I haven't opened in I don't know how long. It had a lot of my bedroom things in it from when I was single and some bridal shower cards in it. I had the prompting to look into the cards and see if I wanted to keep any of them. Earlier that day Tyler and I were talking about how in the world we were going to make it financially through this first semester with all of the surprise fees and such. Well when I opened one card it had $15 in it. I was so Excited! I couldn't believe it! Had I not taken the money out before we got married over a year ago? I guess not! Then the very next card I opened it had $50 dollars in it! I was so happy and I truly felt like the lord was watching over us! I don't know if he made me forget on purpose or if I was just forgetful, but I do know that this money is going to go a long way to help Tyler, William and I get through this year. Even if it is only $65.
       The lord has been watching over us so much this week I just can't fathom his love and kindness! I'm sure there is to come a billion and two more miracles and blessings from him this year and I just can't wait for the wonderful learning experiences he has in store for us!

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  1. Love this. The little miracles in your life are amazing:) I'm so happy for you and the little one you are incubating;)