Sunday, May 25, 2014

Notre Dame, The Louvre, and our Journey to Arcachon

        Hello All! Time  to update the rest of our time in Paris as well as our journey to Arcachon. When I last left off I had described my experiences on the Eiffel Tower. The day that I finished my last post we decided to visit Notre Dame. We took the metro from our hotel to a stop nearby and walked to the square. We got to cross the bridge over the river (if you didn't know Notre Dame is on an island) and get a fantastic view of it. As we approached we noticed there was a giant tent inside the square. Later we found out that they were having a bread competition. Sadly the prices were so high we decided not to buy any of the contestants delicious breads but it was fun looking at the different varieties of breads and the different names for the bakeries. Once you exited the tent there was a long line that you had to wait in to get inside of Notre Dame. The line seemed to move pretty quickly and so it wasn't a long wait. The only downside is the area is known for pickpocketers. So we had to be on our guard. There was a strange man that randomly got in line between Tyler and I and Tyler thought it suspicious. So Tyler put his hand in his pocket with his money and ID in it and the man left. We are pretty sure he was trying to rob us but thankfully Tyler lived in Europe for two years and so he was looking out for that. In front of us was a man from the states that was an architect. It was really interesting talking to him and hearing about his travels through Europe to of course study architecture. When we finally got close enough to see the outside of the building I was astounded. I couldn't believe the detail of the peoples faces, even the door had major detailing. I didn't realize what I was about to walk into until I crossed the threshold of the building. It was more beautiful then the pictures that I have seen that depicted it. People spoke in hushed voices and so it helped with the beauty of the place. The building was huge! As we slowly walked the perimeter of the chapel the thought hit me "This was made to worship God". I then thought in my mind how they used the best things they could at the time to show God that they loved Him. It was a humbling thought especially since I am not catholic. The stained glass window were fantastically detailed and we even sat for a minute just looking around. After we walked around Notre Dame we decided we need to have a crepe for a pre dinner snack. We got lost trying to ask French speakers in English where the closest creperie was. Finally Tyler saved the day again and found us one. We decided to have a savory crepe with egg, ham, and cheese. It was the best thing I have ever eaten. I am now a crepe-a-holic. I love them and CAN'T GET ENOUGH!
        The next day Tyler's Father came into town which I was very grateful for because I got to watch another little boy William's age which his mother was translating for class. William and Wayne ( Tyler's dad) had so much fun at the park playing peek-a-boo and chase. After that William took a nap while we waited for Tyler to get out of class. Finally we took the Metro across town to the Musee d'orday But sadly we had just missed it by 30 minutes. :( Which was a major bummer because that was on the top of my list of things to see in Paris. It is where the impressionist artists keep their work. Like for example Water and the Lilies by Monet ect. But hopefully next time we will be able to go! After missing that museum we decided to go to the Louvre. We walked throughout the beautiful gardens and saw the fountains, flowers and statues. When everyone thinks of the Louvre they think of the glass Pyramid but what people don't realize is it was a palace first. The Palace was HUGE! I was overwhelmed by how much paintings, statues, and other things were stored there. In fact we were there for 2 hours and we only saw the highlights. Thankfully my father in law was there because he had been to the louvre before and let us know what was worth seeing. After the Louvre we went out to dinner which was delicious. Wayne sadly had to catch a plane back to Germany so he had to speed though his meal but he was very kind and payed for our dinner and a dessert. Instead of getting desert and the restaurant we decided to get another crepe. But this time a Nutella crepe. Soo good!
        The next day was Saturday and sadly we had to leave Paris. We packed up our things and basically ran to the train station. We then took a bullet train for 3 hours down to Leborn. I know why the French countryside is so famous. It is definitely a beautiful place. Then in Leborn we took a bus to Bordeaux from there we took a smaller train to Arcachon. Once we got here we walked up a VERY STEEP  hill up to our hotel. Ville Regina was a hotel from 1889 and absolutely beautiful. Once we entered our room I already felt more relaxed. It overlooks the pool, it has a kitchenette, separate bedroom and a separate soaker tub from the toilet. So much space compared to our hotel in Paris! After that we went to Casino (a local grocery store here) in which Tyler was in heaven! He loved all the European ingredients and because of that he has been the one who has mostly been cooking. (which I love) So far Arcachon has been much more relaxing than Paris and much different too. We pretty much love it here. We've been here a week and I would go on about this weeks adventures but this post is already really long. So until next time!


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