Thursday, May 15, 2014

Paris the City of Love

Bonjour! How are you all!? I've decided it is about time to write about my adventures thus far on this fantastic journey Tyler, William, and I are taking. So I will begin my story on last sunday. Tyler and I decided to go to sacrament meeting that morning but because of our procrastination (oh man we are bad at that one!) we had to skip out on the rest of church to clean our house and finish packing. We were able to finish around 3:00 so we ended up leaving around then to drive to Chicago. We found out that if we stayed in a hotel near the airport we were able to save big bucks on parking. We slept pretty well given the circumstances (hello we were going to fly to paris tuesday night!). The only down side to the hotel idea is we had to check out by 12:00. Which meant we had to take a shuttle to the airport and wait way longer than was necessary to get on the plane. We arrived at the airport around 1:00 and we checked our bags and went through security lickety split. So we had about 3 hours of waiting time before we could board the plane. So we ate some yummy oriental food and waited. Thankfully William loved running all over the airport so all we had to do was chase him around while the other parent watched the bags. So after we had waited those lovely 3 hours the stewardess made an announcement that basically our plane was late. So we had to wait an additional hour to board the plane. After we boarded a huge thunder storm decided to appear. So we had to wait that out too. They actually closed the airport for about 2 hours. There was also another thunderstorm coming in right behind the other one so we were worried our flight would be canceled but thankfully around 8:30 we took off!
    The actual 8 hour flight was decent. They had a baby bassinet for William to sleep in and the food was decent all I have to complain about is when people are trying to sleep shut your freaking mouth! Sadly there was a group of college students going to Africa sitting right behind us and the talked very loudly the whole 8 hours. UGH. I got about 2 hours of sleep which I guess was better than nothing but was way less then I could have gotten. So instead of arriving at 8:30 am paris time we arrived about 11:30. We were able to go through customs was fast because of baby William ( who knew you could get perks like that if you have a kid?) and we got our luggage caught a bus to a stop around our hotel. From there we walked about 5 blocks to our hotel. We were so exhausted all we wanted to do is get to our hotel! Thankfully a very nice frenchman stopped and gave us directions. Once we figured our the way of course the sky decided to rain. And it sure did rain. We had no jackets on and all our luggage got wet. Thankfully we came across a covered bus stop and waited the rain storm out for about 10 minutes. (Rainstorms come and go quickly here it's kind of weird) Thankfully after that we found our hotel and our Friends Eric and Emilee Brazel was waiting for us.
     We then checked in and went to our room. Wow things sure are smaller in Europe! Thankfully then we dropped off our stuff and went to lunch with the our friends. We found a small cafe and had a  fun time. I had a emmental cheese sandwich was basically butter and cheese on a baguette and Tyler had a sausage sandwich which was sausage on a baguette. Both were amazing! The bread here is to die for! Then William and I headed back to take a nap while Eric, Emilee, and Tyler walked around. It sure was hard to wake up after two hours of sleep! The Law group was having diner that night though and I didn't want to miss out! For the first course I had goat cheese salad then the second course I had Roast Duck in a cherry sauce which had delicious scalloped potatoes and then for dessert I had a meringue which a yummy creamy sauce toped with caramel and nuts. MMMM. The french sure do know how to eat! ;)
     On wednesday the law group went on a bus tour looking at all the sights the city has to offer. The Opera house was by far my favorite! It was BEAU! BELISSIMO! GORGEOUS! I only wish we had enough money to actually see an opera there! Maybe next time! :) After that we got dropped off at the paris law school and had two hours for lunch. During lunch I ended up getting a french phone ( no i can't call internationally ) and metro tickets. This took up the WHOLE TIME!  So I ate another sandwich after ward and all the law students went to class. The wives on the other hand went to tour the city! We decided to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower. We were going to take the stairs but because we had little children and aching backs and feet already we decided to take the elevator. It was fantastic! You can see for miles and miles! It was very crowded but almost everyone I have run into has been very kind to me. (maybe its another perk of having a baby) so that lovely and wondrous experience took 2 hours. We then met the husbands and took the metro home. Ate some delicious pain et fromage et pomme (bread with cheese and apple) and crashed for the night! I absolutely love paris and I can see why people fall in love with this city so easily. The french understand all types of beauty and it definitely comes across! Well I am off to go see some more beautiful things the city has to offer now! But I will write soon! Love you all!

Au Revoir!

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